09 December 2021

Top Cybersecurity Interview Questions

Cybersecurity Interview

− Can you name some of the emerging cyber threats?

− Can you walk me through economics of cyber security?

− What parts of the information security should the organizations outsource?

− What security conferences have you participated over the past 24 months?

− Can you explain some ways cyber criminals are using services like LinkedIn?

− Can you name a few leading cyber security vendors? What do they do?

− What is information security and how is it achieved?

− What are the core principles of information security?

− What is non-repudiation (as it applies to IT security)?

− As a CISO how would you justify a security spent to the board of directors?

− How often should the information security be covered in the boardroom, why?

− What is the relationship between information security and data availability?

− What is a security policy and why do we need one?

− What is the difference between logical and physical security? Can you give an example of both?

− What’s an acceptable level of risk?

− How does Gartner rank the vendors in their Magic Quadrant?

− What are the most common types of attacks that threaten enterprise data security?

− What is the difference between a threat and a vulnerability?

− Can you give me an example of common security vulnerabilities?

− Are you familiar with any security management frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27002?

− What is a security control?

− What are the different types of security control?

− Can you describe the information lifecycle? How do you ensure information security at each phase?

− What is Information Security Governance?

− What are your professional values? Why are professional ethics important in the information security field?

− Is geo-blocking a valid security control?

− Are open-source projects more or less secure than proprietary ones?

− Who do you look up to within the field of Information Security? Why?

− Where do you get your security news from?

− What’s the difference between symmetric and public-key cryptography?

− What kind of network do you have at home?

− Why the IT and security teams don’t like agents?

− Can you name a few recent security breaches?

− What is GDPR and does it affect you?

− What role does the automation have in information security?

− What is the difference between SIEM and UEBA?

− Can give me an example of supply chain attack?

− Can you define what is APT?

− Why are the insurance companies paying out the ransomware demands?

− What are the top 3 countries in information war?

− Can you explain some ways the attackers are using AI?

− Why are the cyber insurance premiums raising?

− How would you explain the threat of deep fakes?

− Which one is more secure, a strong password or biometric authentication?

− What’s the difference between deep web and dark web?

− Why ransomware doesn’t affect the mobile devices?


− Should CISO report to CIO or CEO and why is that?

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